Welcome to our life!

You have officially found the travel blog that Heather and I have started!  The goal is for all interested family and friends to have an online peep-hole of our travel adventures 🙂

For the curious mind, No, I haven’t received the final decision from the NMC (UK nursing board).  Both Heather and I will be departing Wed November 30th for the UK no matter what!  From there, some plans may change for me depending on the NMC however I will be at least getting an extended vacation out of this 🙂

The plan is to arrive into Heathrow Airport Thursday morning and staying in London to get acquainted with life outside of the US.

Sunday we will be traveling about 100 miles Southwest to the coast where we will be residing in the town of Bournemouth for the next 3 weeks.  This is where the university is we will be “attending” for a month.

Keep checking back for what I’m sure to be amusing travel tales…..

Thanks for reading my first ever in my life blog post!



5 thoughts on “Welcome to our life!

  1. Hey ladies! It is 0500 here on the B-side of the TICU (I think the A-side is a few minutes slower). Just saying hello and I can’t wait for the first update. I expect all posts to be punctuated with British slang. Love ya!

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