We are safe!!!!

Hey everyone,

So, we made it safely to London after a 9.5 hour flight over the pond. The hardest thing for us at first was the time change……our first night we slept 17 hours. The second hardest thing was communication. After many hours and several stores we have a cell phone that has internet and service – not perfectly. Let’s just say that you can call us for free, if we call you it is 20 pence a minute. So, call us… skype, kakaotalk, or email us. We have been to several pubs and learned that they call us “Yanks” because we are from the States. But they are very friendly to us, even buying us pints! We made it to Bournemouth today after a 2.5 hour bus ride through sheep ville. And now we are with a lovely family who will house us for several weeks. We will mob around our new area tomorrow, even go to the beach 🙂 Class begins on December 7th for us. We are getting settled in and will update soon.


2 thoughts on “We are safe!!!!

  1. There will be more posts to come with pics of course! And we missed you on November 19th. 🙂 And looked at the Italian restaurant that you recommended, pricey! But we will try it and let you know how it is.

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