Some pictures!!!!!

Drinks on the plane!!!

No Blue Moon for Heather but First English Beer!!!!!

They don’t mess around here…Liquor on tap!

Awesome Chapel in Bournemouth Square….apparently it’s a bar now?! We will be checking this out soon…..

Heather was hoping for a “Right Now” situation…. 🙂

Mackay and Whyte….too bad I don’t care for Whisky 😦

Drinking is no joke…pre made vodka cran in a can 🙂

Haha….Oh how we miss home

Decorating the Allen’s family xmas tree!

They let me be in charge of lights….no stapler but gladly handed over the cellatape (Scotch tape)

More lights!!!!

2 xmas trees and lights in every room. Now I just need to convince Heather to let me hang the Pink Angel lights up in our room 🙂


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