First day of class

SO….today was our first day of class – Michelle and I were two of five Americans in the class, the rest were from New Zealand or Australia. It is very interesting some of the facts we learned in the class: here in the UK one signs consent at 16, but have to be 18 to refuse treatment? If you do not have a medical directive, and you are the legal next of kin, you can’t make medical decisions. It is up to the physician. You can go to Switzerland to die- euthanasia – and it is legal! There were so many stories told by the Brits and Aussies in class of all the medical errors and medical personnel killing patients purposefully. Should make you appreciate the US healthcare. One physician killed over 300 old ladies with overdosing them on morphine. A nurse killed her patients by putting insulin in all the saline bags. Yikes! And after all the bull$hit the NMC put Michelle through with her decision letter – the entire class hates the NMC too.

After the class we hung out on the beach and went to a bar called 60 million postcards for a much needed beer after all that. Our next class is on December 22nd, in the mean time we have a 200 page workbook to complete by the 3rd class on January 6th (our last class). Cheers!


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