Bournemouth… our new home

We have resided in Bournemouth now for 5 days and have easily learned the public bus system to get us around.  It’s not a large town but just enough to get everything we need.  There are still a few bars (clubs) on our To-Do list but sure we will check some of those off this weekend. The weather has been fantastic, breezy but sunny!  Perfect beach weather.

Pretty from the cliff but desperately trying to find a way down to the sand…

The sign did read “Extensive Pruning Required” on the barrier but of course I convinced the girls it would be ok and pushed it aside.  And it was, just a bit more adventurous than we thought 🙂

Fun in the sun! A nice break after hours in a class room.

Heather with our new friend/housemate Julie.  She’s here starting the same adventure from California 🙂

Yes, we are becoming quite the cute couple aren’t we?!

Apparently the pier is quite happenin’ in the warmer months but for now it’s where all the hard-core surfers wait about. Its getting dark (at like 4pm) so we now are headed to try to find a warm pub for some warm mulled wine…

60 Million Postcards!  The best we found, very abstract and artsie…Very Fremont-ish.  Lots of random crap besides postcards hung about included was chainsaw recordings in the loo (bathroom).  Freaky!  We did not find warm wine here but Heather came upon a new refreshing strawberry beer that is now on our shopping list.

Another item that has been on our shopping list since arrival to this land is Eggnog! Nobody serves it or sells it!  So we decided to make it for the St. George’s Society Christmas party that took place at our house last night.  What a hit it was!!!  Most people had said they never had it before, others not in years since they were in the US or Canada. Steph has now said we need to make it weekly throughout our time here 🙂



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