Coming up…….

So, we leave on Thursday December the 15th….destination——–PARIS!! We are there celebrating my birthday! 21st of course!!!!! It should come with some good stories since the three of us have no idea how to speak French!! hahaha………Michelle is gonna have a fun time with the food…….lots of escargot, lamb, veal, duck foie gras, frog legs…..should be interesting. We are staying near the Eiffel Tower and may take a day trip to Champagne (90 minutes away).

On December the 23rd we are heading to the Canary Islands for a week to celebrate Christmas on the beach! 70 degree weather at an all-inclusive resort without snow for Christmas may be tough, but I think we will manage just fine! Michelle is searching for a red velvet bikini and a Santa hat – the Spanish men should love that! So, shorts, “swimming costumes”, flip flops and some suntan oil should make for a small luggage to pack. 🙂

We shall share more photos and stories soon! Cheers!!!







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