Day Hike!

Steph, our house Mom, invited us to get out of the house and away from the book on Sunday.  No arm twisting was required due to the glorious sunny day 🙂

Our first site was taking the 4 minute ferry ride from Poole over to… unsure of the town…. the other side 🙂

And what a beautiful land it is!   Who ever said the grass wasn’t greener on the other side because apparently it is here, literally! Including a bonus of castle remains and sheep.  White and black sheep….and gray sheep!  Wonder what they’ve been up too? 😉

Next stop is Corfe Castle. I don’t know any history, you  know me…speed tourism at its best.

The trouble maker…

Onward… to our hike in Lulworth.  We are driving for a bit, maybe 30 minutes or so, Steph is saying we are not far from our destination and we see not one of these signs, but many!!!  Apparently the good trails are also used for military firing practice. No one got shot, no worries.

So now we arrive in this cute town of Lulworth, we now start the walk up…

Its a bit steep…  this is the look back at the lil town.  Body of water is the English Channel. Next adventure, we are swimming to France 🙂

So we hike and hike… and then….If it was 50 degrees warmer, I’d think I was in paradise 🙂

Durdle Door.  Don’t know who what when or why but….so awesome!  The water is crystal clear and very chilly

Going down for a closer look! I’m pretty sure these steps were built for munchin size feet though.

Steph, really acting out the part of the photographer…..

Back down for a well deserved lunch 🙂

And famous Fish and Chips.  I have not been a fan since they tend to batter before removing the skin.. Ga-ross!  Also usually accompanied with “mushy peas”, at least this time its minus the mush 🙂

That wooden stick in the fish is actually a fork.  It seems that everyone eats with their fork in left hand and always a knife in the right hand.  We’ve been trying to get used to it but soooo hard.  In most cases, I feel the knife is not necessary!!!!!  And the way to hold your knife is upside down!  I’m going to keep trying though 🙂


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