Holiday in Tenerife

I know I know…it’s been so long past due.  But here are the highlights. The first day we went for a walk down to the beach since it was a bit overcast. Everything was decorated so ‘Chistmas’ but still not feeling very holiday since it was 70 degrees out…

First view of our beach…looks a bit rough from up here but maybe an illusion?

Black sand?  I guess in theory we should have excepted this since we are on a volcano but ya know…didn’t think about it 🙂  We were getting a bit chilly, decided to grab a beer in hopes to warm us up.

Trying to get into the Xmas spirit, we decide to go out on the town…bars don’t open until midnight…so pre-funked at a pub nearby.  And decided to learn a new instrument, which shortly was taken away from us.

My highlight of the trip…day in the city.  It was about time we all needed a pedicure so decided to try something new… Ictiotherapy… Fish Spa….I know what you’re thinking…

Weirdest feeling of my life!!! But eventually you get used to the little fish eating your feet, especially weird when you spread apart your toes! As my feet are in the tank, I decide at that point to be concerned with the spread of disease, no one has ever contracted anything, that they know of… but we still have all of our toes, bilaterally… harm free!

Most of our time was spent at the City Bar.  Free WiFi, stiff cheap drinks, good food and fun bartenders. Basically hiding from the weird food at the resort, which is where I had the most uncomfortable 7 course meal of my life!  The waiters spoke no English and well, we all know how picky I am. They stood over me watching me try each course, and ask “Do you not like?”.  My new plan was to sneak Heather or Julie the rest of it 🙂

Here are a few courses…

Mystery meat…. And I accidentally ate Duck on Christmas. GROSS! Thank goodness the City Bar made me Grilled Ham and Cheese, my safety zone 🙂

We took an all day tour of the island.  Saw tons! Essentially the island itself is a volcano but we were headed up to the eruption zone, last 100 years, maybe 1000 years. Not important. What is crazy though is the different habitats.

Closer to sea-level, lots of crops and greenery.

Then head up in the mountains with huge trees and astonishing rock formations.

And now…eruption zone! Doesn’t really appear to be… very rocky and sandy. And cold as shit!

Being above the cloud line is pretty spectacular…not in an air plane…

Last night of our wonderful (slight lack of sun) Christmas Holiday was spent with our new favorites! City Bar and Miguel 🙂


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