Ringing in the Year 2012 at the LoNdOn EyE…

So after Tenerife, Michelle and I headed to London to celebrate New Year’s Eve!  We had a hotel under the London Eye.

We mobbed around for a bit and plotted where would we would stand for the Firework Show – so we thought…….

Our hotel and the London eye behind me!

Our hotel – looking at the Big Ben…….amazing!

All dressed up and ready for New Years!

So, we thought that we would head to our spot that we picked out earlier – wrong – totally barracaded off. We ended up at another spot where we met these Aussie’s! Super cool! But, they had some interesting questions for us: What is a Twinkie? Can we buy a gun in Wal-Mart? Or do you get a gun when you open a checking  account? And does everyone in the U.S. have a fake ID? hahahha……good times! We even played a drinking vegetable game with them – we learned they called peppers = capsicum.

The London Eye changes colors…….

41 seconds……….


My first New Years kiss of 2012!

Michelle and the Aussie men!

Having fun!!!

End of the night! Good company, funny games, lots of laughs, good stories, good drinks – and an amazing view!!!!!! Welcome 2012 – we are ready for an amazing year – whatever that may hold!!!!!!


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