“ROME if you want to……..”

So from Switzerland – “onward” – as Michelle would say to Rome. One word for Rome = gynormous! We were brought to our place (found on airbnb.com) in a van from the train station probably at the speed of 100mph. Rome = crazy drivers and LOTS of vespas.

Home for 2 nights.

On our way to dinner the first night in Rome, we learned that there are water spouts everywhere – free, clean water. Which is odd because they charge you in the restraunts for tap water. Ummm…..can you give me that carafe and I will fill it up outside. πŸ™‚

Another drink we learned about – limoncello…..yummy!

Next day we decided to do a huge Rome tour…..starting with the Colosseum.

No picture can explain how huge this is!

Inside the Colosseum

It is crazy to think how old this is and how many animals were slaughtered here!

So TIP: Michelle downloaded Rick Steve’s podcast to her IPOD so we can both listen to the history of the Colosseum without paying the 6 euros. And she did this for the Forum and the Pantheon as well! Smart!

Arc of Constantine

The Forum

It is amazing that Julius Caesar was here sooo long ago~

Several arcs in the Forum…..this is Arc of Titus

Michelle in front of the Titus

Onto the Pantheon

The entrance – and all doors here are MASSIVE!!!!

So at the top of the dome – the only light that comes in is through the small hole in the roof – no glass – and when it rains the inside gets wet. And at about 6pm or so when the sun sets the sun light meets the entrance of the Pantheon and lights it up.

A lot of “Piazza’s” throughout Rome……

And a lot of fountains, but the most important fountain we will visit later in the evening.

You will see lots of interesting people in the piazza’s trying to pan handle money. This one was the best!

A view of the water “Fiume Tevere”

More amazing by night – and from here we started our Night Walk.

A sign next to a pub in the piazza – πŸ™‚

Michelle – on her coffee rating – gave this a 5/5 “mind blowing”!

The Fountain of Trevi

So, it is said that if you throw a coin in the fountain, you are ensured to return to Rome!

But, the coins are collected to feed Rome’s poor. Such an amazing site!

The famous Spanish steps

At the top of the steps.

So, after a long day of sightseeing………….we called it a day. Vatican city tomorrow!


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