Some fun in the sun in Morocco!

So, while Michelle went back to Baltimore to get her work visa – I decided to visit Agadir, Morocco for some sun! I convinced Steph to come with me! 🙂 We arrived and between the 8am flight, going through customs, exchanging money to durams (their money) and getting to our resort – the view, the ocean, and the sun was all worth it! Above the city! Our pool! The animation staff – they do dances at the pool periodically and the night time entertainment! After talking to them – I realized I was not only the only American on the resort, but probably one of the only ones that have stayed on the resort. Most Americans come by cruise for the day and leave. I ate up the attention. [I think the one with the shorts is a cutie! ;)] We decided that we would do a tour of the city and the Sioux. TIP: when you say go to the Sioux, you are also brought to random shops in hopes that you would buy oils, massages, etc.

We were brought to the local bakery where there were some delicious treats waiting for us. 🙂

These tasted like macaroons!

It is interesting that everything is sitting on platters all around.

Our driver picked us some orange blossoms.

To the Sioux – which is a local market that sells everything from clothes, food, furniture, you name it – and it is there!

Fancy shoes!

Fabrics…… The funniest thing in the market was a man that walked around with a hooks hooked to his back asking people for a hit for money! hahaha

And can’t complete the tour without a camel ride. It is scary when they get up and down. Steph going up on the camel.

Me on the camel. Notice my shirt…… 🙂

My view from the top of the camel. They say that it is “just like riding a horse” – Yeah right!!!

So our goal for this camel ride was to see all these amazing wild flamingos – guess how many we saw? Yep, one!

They were all on the other side……

Back to the hotel – I thought Steph was going to take this at one point! haha

Dinner at the a la carte restaurant.

Hanging out on the beach waiting for the sunset – the camel riders will do anything to get your attention!

The sunsets here are breathtaking!

So…. lots of memories in Agadir! I think the staff thought it was interesting that an English and an American were traveling together – they loved us there! Lots of drinks, sun, pool time, 2 hour camel ride, book time, sunsets, good food and some new friends!!!! Morocco this is not goodbye – just see ya later!!!!


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