We fly into Zurich airport and my first thought is… this airport is nicer than most 4 star hotels!  The clocks are big watches!

So we then take the train to Lucern.  We have been on alot of trains, planes and automobiles and our first thought is…Damn, the Swiss have it so nice!  So we pick our cozy seat after a long day of traveling and both fall asleep in our dimmly lit coach, cushioning chairs, feet up…heaven!  We are then woken up by the ticket checkers that proceed to talk to us in German and French, come to finally realize we have been livin’ it up in First Class…oops! We were quickly moved out 😦

Now onto find the correct bus, proper direction to meet Bill, our Host for the next few days, whom we met on the internet through AirBnB.com. Basically people rent out rooms in their home for extra cash.  Seems weird but its cheaper than staying in hostels and this way we figure you get a taste of the local scence 🙂

Meanwhile, I have attempted to withdrawl money from the ATM in German, which happened to be very successful….Ja! (It kept asking a question with Ja as a choice, just go with your gut, it had to have meant yes and yes is always better than No).

This is Bill, our host!  He is badass!  He is the owner of a local bar Legends.  We walk in about 23:00, and he greets us with…”FUCK, finally. Get rid of those bags, just drop them. What do you girls want to drink?”  He is from England and been living in Switzerland trying to encourage the French and German to like the English language.  His favorite word…Fuck.

Profile Picture

This is the view from his house…

The town of Lucern is gorgeous!  The mountains are huge, it is basically postcard background everywhere.  Only downfall is $$$, everything is soooo much.  I ordered a Tall Americano with soy from Starbucks…7.5 francs which is equivalent to $8.40. In Seattle, this is a $2 drink!  We also had the chance to meet a good friend of Patrick’s here. Stephan lives in the nearby town of Zug who graciously came out for a few drinks to welcome us into his country, so thanks again Stephan and thanks Pat for the introduction 🙂

Lots of shopping! Which of course, we have no extra room in our backpacks, but beautiful stuff…watches EVERYWHERE. Including the largest mechanical rolling ball watch in a watch department store.

And of course, inappropriateness along the way.

Then we take the train further along to Lausanne where we meet Anne’s (friend from Harborview) brother and girlfriend, Tom and Tammy (aka Yammy).  Another beautiful city that sits on Lake Geneva!

Only the Swiss…

A tradtional German entree, a Rosti…YUMMY! Its breakfast for dinner 🙂  Thank goodness for Tom and Yammy to help us order since we are now in the primarily French speaking areas.

We then tag-a-long with T and Yam on their friends bday weekend.  We rented a room in a cute little hotel 🙂  Our intentions were to face the Luge while everyone skied but being there was fresh 18ft of snow, Luge was shut down 😦 I was really hoping to have to take a lift with my Tobbagan…. instead, Heather and I went on the smaller hills which was actaully more exciting than we thought.

After a long, soaking wet day (Came with minimal waterproof clothes), we decided to go out on the town… until 5am…not a good idea but tons of fun!

After Tom’s lecture for us to be extremely careful, we wanted to make sure his drink was safe 🙂


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