Vatican City

So headed to Vatican City to visit St. Peters…… what an amazing cathedral.

HUGE columns – > 200 of them.

The bell tower

The dome

The square in front of the church.

A beautiful fountain in the square.

A view from the entrance of the church out into the square.

TIP: Security lines can be long!

Michelle in front of St. Peters.

This door is only opened up by the Pope on the Jubilee Year – next time is 2025.

Looking down to the altar.

Looking to the main altar.

The gold arch is the altar the Pope uses when he says mass.

The amazing paintings on the ceilings.

Apparently at the top of this dome is suppose to be a painting of God – suppose to be seen with binoculars – otherwise looks like a blue dot with the eye. The other paintings here are of Jesus, Mary and the Holy Spirit.

Beautiful paintings all around from famous painters.

Amazing and large statues everywhere.

And the famous Pieta

Kept behind a bullet proof glass because it once had a hammer taken to it – now restored and safe.

So…… this letter is the last thing that needed to be sent to the NMC (the national council that provides us with our license to work in the UK) to get our final PIN number. This allows us to finally work. Michelle thought it would be proper to mail it from the Vatican and with their special envelope. She believes that since it will be mailed from the “Pope Office” it will bring us good luck. We shall see. On ward to Siena!


One thought on “Vatican City

  1. Hi Girls! Just wanted to say “hi” and let you know that you’re not missing ANYTHING at the TSICU. The usual gang-bangin’, floor-boardin’ nonsense with a side of snarky sarcasm. I am so stoked that you are living it up and seeing the world. Thanks so much for posting such great pictures and awesome bloggery. Some of us have to live vicariously through you, so keep up the great work! Miss you both!

    Susan Collins

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