Finding the Tuscan Sun….

So we decided to head out of the huge touristy Rome and closer to wine country, onward… a train to Siena 🙂

Sunny (but chilly) afternoon at Il Campo , Siena’s main square.  Quite small but spectacular.  As Heather and I sat, relaxed, enjoyed wine and bruschetta, decided we better climb the City Hall Tower for the view of the day!

A warning sign included the normal pregnant, heart problems, claustraphobia, blah blah…but my favorite… Gidiness!  I thought that was hysterical until we started the 330ft climb…I came to understand why…you have no where to go! I had to duck many times and our elbows scraped up the sides …

But for the views….worth every step 🙂

Next day we have our first wine tour with Roberto!  He was suggested from Rick Steve’s, my new travel friend 🙂  Since it is the off season, Roberto is ours to ourselves 🙂 He is basically badass!

First stop, Montalcino! Land of Brunello wine 🙂  If you have never experienced this type of wine, it’s a must!  It is worth the $100 you may pay in the states.

Il Paradiso Di Frassina is our first stop. Florence University is researching something great here!  Mozart Vineyard!  Bose speakers has sponsored the research of 24/7 Mozart therapy to 4 acres of vines/grapes.  They feel that the grapes not only grow better and quicker, but in the end produce a better grape, obviously leading to an exceptional wine 🙂

All Brunello wines in this area have to follow very specific guidelines and each barrel is gone under examination by the DOCG, wine quality assurance, to then be labeled as Classico, Rieserva etc. Same thing goes for the Montepulciano region. (Next time you are out shopping for a wine, look at the neck of the bottle for the little pink label, means that particular wine has met the strict guidelines for that area=goodness). In general, wines made in these regions, that qualify, are the best of the best!  Which you can taste!  I can go on forever about this…loving all the new information, all I need is enough Euros to buy some land 🙂

Even if this Mozart research is bullshit, the ambiance of the vineyard is amazing in itself 🙂

Apparently this oak tree was basically at it’s death bed when the property was bought by Carlo and his father years ago, and now since the Mozart, has re-blossomed?!  I’ll believe it….music is therapy to my ears (Not sure about Mozart, I’d prefer Foster the People).

Then we head to a cute old town in the Montepulciano region.  Always a clock tower…I wish we had time (and energy) to climb them all 🙂

The oldest winery in this region, Contucci, is in an old castle 🙂  First wine produced was in 1887….Damn….talk about aging wine….

This is the now, wine cellar. Used to be where prisoners were kept. I wouldn’t mind….if that’s where the wine was 😉

Roberto says he wants to introduce us to someone. This is Rameria Mazzetti. He is in his 70’s and the cutest old man I have ever met! Maybe because we didn’t speak the same language 🙂  But really, still pounds copper like back in the day, makes amazing pieces and just visited the US for the first time last year!

He made this piece for The General (Heather) and I…

Another view of the day…

This is Roberto’s house…yes please! Apparently in the spring, Poppy fields surround the vineyards and olive trees? I know I have seen the Wizard of Oz but defintly can’t image what a red Poppy field looks like.

And those who know, I like to count sheep to sleep:)  Unfortunately the permanent night shifter in me, my sheep are usually running about and never line up. Well today they did…amazing…I never knew it was actually possible!!!!


Roberto claims this is where all the photographers come in the spring to capture the most amazing shot….and George Clooney filmed his Volvo commercial here?  Who knows, you can easily lie to me about famous folks….

Oh and a church we visited…very pretty….but yet, we have seen so many! I do remember however that it is old…very old…1215!

Siena was great…views were fabulous…

Brunello wine … Priceless!


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