Tired of the cold – off to sunny MoRoCco………..

After Venice we had a week before work, so why not jump on a flight down to Morocco and enjoy some sunshine!

This is my second time, Michelle’s first time. Morocco is like a Hawaii for the Germans, Brits, French, Polish………and of course now – 2 Americans!

Beach or pool – as long as we were in the sun – that is where you would find us!!!!

Or sometimes you could find me here………. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, it is starting to be a tradition for Michelle andย I to get a massage in each country we visit. So, let’s continue the tradition here. We were told to meet on the side of the hotel and look for the cab with a particular number at a particular time. When we arrived, our cab was coming down the street. We got in and off to get our 2 hour massages for $35! We had some tea and then brought into an open room with 4 beds. they showed us a closet and asked us to put our things into the closet. We put our purses, glasses, etc into the closet and when we turned the ladies said no, clothes too – all. Hmmmmm…….. well, we did as instructed, I got to strip in front of my friend and 2 ladies. Awesome! So, we climb onto these beds next to each other and I am still wondering, are there gonna be two other people joining us??

All of a sudden, I feel the lady standing over me on the bed, giving me a massage. OMG!!! I have no idea what I am getting myself into. Laying on my belly – I had every crevice and crack massaged! Let’s turn over………they put these cotton swabs that were wet on our eyes and wrapped our faces with a towel. I am a bit nervous, what is gonna happen next……..well again, everything on my front – every crack and crevice was massaged – breasts and all. I have never paid to have my boobs massaged – ever! After that interesting experience we were both oiled up and ready to go back to the hotel.

Every night at dinner or the evening events there was a man that came around and would take pictures. Come to find out – he would sell them in the morning. Michelle saw one of herself and being cheeky – she didn’t wanna pay for the picture, so she took one of it – can you find her?

Hint: It is only of her head…….. ๐Ÿ™‚

After being there for a week – we got to mingle with the hotel staff. My personal favorite – Hamada:

Funny how a lot of them remember me the second time around – I must have made an impression! ๐Ÿ˜‰

A week of hanging out at an all inclusive resort with sunshine, warmth, drinks and good food – (tan lines in place) – it was time to say goodbye to Morocco and head back to our new city – Brighton – where we will call home!

Oh, I can’t forget our airport incident – there was a strange looking gentleman wearing a long black gown with another gentleman. We had to put our suitcases on a conveyer belt prior to entering the airport. They were in front of us. Apparently they set off the metal detectors and after a bit of a discussion with the officer (in another language) and some cash exchanged, the man was allowed through. We were praying that he was not on our flight! And he wasn’t – we made it home safe and sound!

Cheers Morocco!!!


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