Ah Venice… unfortunately we picked the coldest week out of the year to make this trip, but hey, how many people can say there were in Venice when it snowed?!

The water bus… so fun!!! It really is just like a bus but on the water.  Travel tip:  Be prepared and know which stop you are getting on/off, you have only like 15 seconds to do so.  They pull up to the dock basically full speed, run into the dock, and then push back! They don’t even have bumpers?!

A city meant for meandering, the roads are ridiculous and maps unhelpful….

Famous Square…Forget the name…Its been so long ago now 🙂

This lady was being all cute taking pictures with all the pigeons and then one landed on her head…bwhahah…She freaked out a little but still stayed there!  What people do for a photo opp is ridiculous!

Basically in Venice we did a lot of walking, alot of hiding from the cold, which meant we did a lot of eating and drinking 🙂  But here are some views…

This is the oldest cafe in Venice.  Lots of famous people have sat in these same seats.  Nummy snacks too!

Venice was lovely but will definitely need to be revisited in the warmer months, if not just for the mere fact we didn’t ride a Gondola 😦


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