Familiar faces!!!!

My parents came for a weeks visit!  Unfortunalty they seemed to have brought the rain with them but none the less, soooo good to spend quality time with the parents. After a bit of rest, we took a day trip into England’s countryside.

Fields and fields of bright yellow pretty daffodils and Rape Seed…what a name for something for colorful and brilliant!

First stop, Salsibury Cathedral.

They are known for their choir school, and luckily there was a service going on!  Beautiful!!!

Second stop. Stonehendge. “I’m only happy when it rains….”

The town of Bath. Simply amazing! And of course, full of history.

The Romans found these natural springs 2,000 years ago. This is the main bath where the common town people to Romans God/Goddesses would gather to heal, socialize, talk business and relax.

So I decided to take a time out as well….

Something important about this bath.  Maybe for only the Gods?  But you could throw in your coin and make a wish (ie. donation).  They had this really neat 3D movie around the outside of the pool that actually looked as if the Romans were there and getting in to relax!

Now a chance to drink the ‘healing’ spring water!  If you’ve ever been to a hot spring, you know it smells of sulfur.  Well, the Romans have the same water… but “If they can’t be cured by bathing and drinking here, they will never be cured anywhere” – A Practical Dissertation on the Bath Waters by Dr. William Oliver 1707.

You HAVE to give it a try….

Dad may be the only one that would consider drinking it again 🙂

Neat wall…Not sure what the deal is with it.

Finally have found a beer that Mom likes! Fruli. Belgian strawberry beer, Mmmm.

Onto Paris via Eurostar! Train takes only 2.5 hrs traveling at 185mph and goes in the English Channel underwater tunnel…eek! I was hoping for a submarine experience and actually see water but truth is you never even see water and only were aware of the tunnel.

No time to waste. First stop, O’Chateau wine tasting 🙂

Speed tourism at its best…only time for the highlights!

Not to be confused with Notre Dame, the University 🙂

Best of all…..

Back to London where they obviously know how it’s done. Wine take-away at its best…just peel off the lid!

The ultimate Tube experience.  Included with temporary loss of electricity and live band entertainment free of charge 🙂

London Eye bound

The capsule before ours was checked for bombs….why wasn’t ours?!

Rain, rain, go away…True Seattle-ites 🙂

Moving along to a proper Afternoon Tea in the old London County Hall building. Historical, of course. We sat in the library where many important political peps talked amongst themselves, signed papers and well, Shakespeare drank a cup of tea 🙂

Dad with his “Manly” tea. Seriously, tasted like cigars 😦

Last but not least.  Randomly our hotel was in the Notting Hill area where I remembered having the most amazing Paella!  I’m glad I got to share the goodness with my folks for their last English meal 🙂

It was so great having you both here! Not only to show you where and what I’ve been up to the last few months but to share some of my new knowledge. I hope you enjoyed yourselves and I’m glad you survived the public transporation 🙂

Love you both very much!!! xoxoxo


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