Going Green…

I know, I know…it’s been way to long.  Lets get you all caught up to speed on the last 3 months of our lives 🙂

Where is the best place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day… DUBLIN of course!


We only found a few leprechauns which freaked out Heather! Was on the hunt for Shamrocks the entire time, only to find a patch of weeds that looked similiar 😦  But what we did find was good beer, good music and a fabulous time!  Slainte (Cheers)!



Of course we had to take a quick trip to the Guiness Factory to see what it is all about!  I’m normally not a fan of the beer but here it tasted quite flat and not so bitter, not bad.  At one of the bars I decided it would be funny to order a Bud Light thinking they would tell me to ‘F*&$ off’ but they actually had one!  It was about 6-10 stories tall with different activities on each level. We saw a live traditional Irish performance, called a friend for free, learned how to pour the perfect pint and enjoyed lots of tasty snacks 🙂  Funny thing is you had to go all the way up to get back down and you also couldn’t bring your beverage to any other floor then where it was served to you, intelligent people the Irish are 🙂



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