In search of who drinks more? Irish or Scottish?!

We then headed directly to Edinburgh, Scotland where we met up with our Aussie friend Kristen 🙂

The city has a peaceful yet old and creepy feel to it. I’m guessing ghosts are EVERYWHERE. This is Grassmarket, the main area of town.

A lot of Edinburgh is hilly, curvy and colorful 🙂

Won’t see this is Seattle…

That was the city above…now the city below 🙂  A bit outside of town, in Gilmerton, they have found these underground coves tunneling from one to another. They have dated it back to a blacksmith some 300 years ago but it is apparent that it was completely made by hand and could not have been done by 1 man alone. Many theories exist, none to be proven right or wrong but either way, all very interesting! I would love to camp down there for a night!

Presumed to be a common area, maybe a bar…Vodka water with lime please 🙂

Bedroom? Or carving table? Either way, cold and firm…

A few rooms seem to continue along but the archaeology peps apparently don’t have enough funding to continue removing the rumble as of yet…

They hired one of the Ghost Hunters and found that there was definitely ‘activity’ and ‘voices’ that came from this area…I was hoping to hear them too 🙂  No such luck.

Edinburgh Castle!

View of Arthur’s Seat from castle 🙂

Inpatiently waited for them to shoot the cannon… which did happen eventually.  Scared the crap outta me!

Headed to where they kept people captive and imprisonment.  I thought I’d test it out. Very small and cold. Rules were strict and punishment was rough. Example, A guard was caught drunk on duty in 1844, 2 months hard labor and 2 months solitary confinement.  I was on my best behavior in this place!

Cool old stuff!  I’d like a try at shooting that 🙂

We got all excited about the oldness of the town and decided we better give one last shot at seeing a ghost in Edinburgh.  Underground we go… This is directly under the city.  These big areas were originally built for storage but turns out they are a bit leaky, so no good. Smelled of mold terribly.  The city then caught fire and people were ushered down into the brick holding areas.  Well, being that it leaked water, smoke also leaked in. Thousands of people suffered and died in these parts.  Then years later, the homeless and those on the run decided to hide out down here.  Needless to say, lots of crime and death. On a ghost hunt we go…

After spending time in the caves, we head to the main cemetery in town.

We go into tour a few of the tombs.  I was taking massive pictures trying to capture ‘someone’ but was unsuccessful.  The guide was telling us a story of a poltergeist that picks on certain people for whatever reason.  But a good way to avoid this lifetime of terror, you are to walk a certain way around the haunted tree. So of course, I decide to go the opposite direction. Heather almost shit herself, but I’m pretty sure I managed to remain poltergeist free 🙂

We then decided we needed to head outta town! So we to took a tour to see a bit more than just the city, coach trek up in the Loch Ness area.  It’s been so long, not exactly sure where we went but it was all day and very interesting.  Lots of different landscapes than the presumed just nice big green fields.

And of course, the rain follows us everywhere we go 😦

This is Urquhart Castle.  Built in AD 580, taken over by multiple Sirs, destroyed in AD 1395 and was attempted to be rebuilt (as it stands now) in AD 1509.  Crazy to think about how old everything is, and that there was life here thousands of years ago….Wonder what the view looked like then?

View from one of the room windows.

Being in the Loch Ness area, it only made sense to go on a hunt for Nessie!

No luck until the end of the boat cruise…. NESSIE!!!!!  Heather was quite excited 🙂


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