Yet another familiar face… and trip to Crete :)

Jeff is in town!!!  We took a wander to town, well, we took the trolley 🙂

The Wheel of Excellence!  This used to be the ferris wheel under the Eiffel Tower until last Septmeber when it was moved to Brighton 🙂

I know I am feeling quite Excellent about now 🙂

Views are amazing! I can’t believe this is where I live?!

Seafront lunch before I head to work…

Holiday time! Breakfast of champions. Ham and cheese toastie with a lil Vodka OJ,  Easy Jets finest 🙂

Welcome to the island of Crete (Greece)!

Nice pool…

But directly to the beach we go! Unsurprisingly, Jeff has already made a friend 🙂

Lunch in the next town. I could deal with this view on a daily basis…

I was trying to convince Jeff that all guys in Europe wore the lil swim shorts but he wasn’t having it 🙂

Dinner at the Cretan Restaurant 🙂

And of course, Jeff’s friend finds him…He is cute…

Thuggish by night 🙂

Breakfast by the sea…

Planning our motorcycle day trip… Highway to Agios Nicholas for a walk around, seafront route for dinner in Elounda.

It was going to be a great day…

Unfortunately we crashed shortly after this picture was taken 😦  Take note of all the ‘safety’ gear I am wearing (Jeff’s not wearing much more)…And yes, we know better!  Motorcyclists = organ donors.  But we are exempt from that, we were on Holiday!

Helmets remained on and intact. No broken bones. Lots of deep road rash, a few stitches, lots of pain and basically no healthcare.  A good slap in the face that we are not invincible. A reminder of how fragile life truly is.

The healthcare is so ridiculous that all you interested should read the next blog, probably not for the squeamish…


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