Let’s get to the good parts of the GREEK ISLES – with Julie J for her 30th!!

So, poor Michelle was left in Brighton for some doctor’s appointments, while Julie J, myself and Louise (our British friend) went on to Athens.

Our view from the rooftop of our hotel.

We got in so late that we ate dinner, enjoyed our view and went to bed – we knew we had an early morning.

Our morning was so early, the sun was barely up!

On the boat to Mykonos from Athens – I can barely keep my eyes open. Don’t they know I am a night shifter.

But, we arrive at this +

this = HAPPINESS!!!! 🙂 After some sun and some drinks, time to go out and celebrate one of the many nights for Julie’s 30th!!!

Dinner at this amazing restaurant. It was an outdoor patio with beautiful trees all around.

After dinner, the celebration began. BAR hopping! We started at this bar – where when we walked in, we noticed we were the only females in the bar…..hmmmm…… but they had an amazing champagne drink, amazing bartenders and yes, hooked Julie up with a candle!

Let the dancing/drinking begin…….

Ummmm….was I dancing with a man with half a face?

After a great night of drinking, dancing, gyros and a lot of “Hi friend” we called it a night.

Next morning a walk to the windmills and got to saw the Islands favorite local….

And after a doctor’s appointment, supplies and drugs, guess who came to see us in Mykonos!!??!!! To the beach we went – where we got to see some dancing on the bars, some ass cheeks, drink some local beers – and had a great time!

Our evening view…

Dinner with some amazing food and on the water.

And we didn’t forget to tell them it was Julie’s birthday!

Next days we decided to take a tour of the island and see some sights.

Panoramic View

All dressed up and ready to eat….

And celebrate Julie’s birthday!

Next Island……

Michelle and Julie

A lunch break – again right on the water! Amazing, fresh seafood!

The view from our lunch spot.


The sunsets here were breathtaking!

Julie, Louise, Heather and Michelle

We are on a roll with the birthday celebrations!!! 🙂

And some more dancing! Notice the man between Michelle and Julie – he was tearing it up! hahaha

So today we are going to swim in some hot springs and climb to a volcano – active, but not in many years.

This was about the point we left Michelle and the three of us headed the rest of the way up. It was very rocky and slippery and well as steep.

Until we got to this……ummmm…I was kind of expecting lava or something, but we did smell sulfur, so not advised to stay too long.

Swimming to the hot springs, brrrrr…….

Even at the hot springs – there were random spots of warm water, otherwise, it was COLD!

After we were all back on the boat – a black cloud appeared and then POURED on us! How’s that for trying to warm up…..

Another beautiful sunset!

The next day on a boat headed back to Athens – and 8 hour journey……see the excitement on my face?

After a long journey, relaxed and went to bed. the next morning we were heading to the Parthenon prior to our flight.

Stadium right outside – Yanni performed here for his CD – Yanni – live at the Acropolis (the whole area – Parthenon sits on top).

The 6 Ladies

The view from up there.

Another view from the top – different side.


Athens, Mykonos and Santorini – amazing views, sun, drinks, good times, good memories with good friends! Happy 30th Julie!!! xo




One thought on “Let’s get to the good parts of the GREEK ISLES – with Julie J for her 30th!!

  1. We are all bad about leaving a reply on your posts, but we are all very interested and envious. Don’t let the the lack of replies slow down posting of your new adventures.

    We are all actiously waiting to see you and here about your adventures in person, but we want pictures and we want them now 🙂

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