Mama K and Dad come to visit!!

My Dad’s motto was to see as much as he can in the amount of time he could. Well, that was 7 countries in 2 weeks. No wonder Americans are known as speedy travelers.

No rest for the weary…the day they landed, flying through the night and jet lagged – to London we go to see The Wizard of Oz play.

The next day my parents left me behind and went to Gatwick airport (because I had to work) where they went to Lisbon and Madrid (to meet my dad’s cousin whom he’s never met).

Mom at Harrod’s prior to leaving.

The following images are when they were with our cousin and during there trip to Lisbon and Madrid.

Then after I worked a few shifts, I met up with them in Barcelona.

We decided to do a hop off/hop on bus tour. Also get a tour of Sagrada Familia. A famous Catholic church – groundbreaking was in 1882 – Gaudi’s design and planned to be finished in 2026. Absolutely stunning!

Barcelona is such an amazing city – I need to go back and spend some more time there – but this was the first stop of our cruise.

All aboard! Costa Magic was the name of our ship by Costa Cruise Line. And yes….this is the cruise line that had a ship sink this year. But, hey – the price was right! 😉

Next stop after Barcelona was Palma de Mallorca, Spain. We decided on doing a tour of the island.

Got to visit an old bull ring.

And it seems like every city you visit in Europe, you must see a church. 🙂

Back to the ship – tomorrow we head to Malta.

Here we decide to do a jeep tour of the island. They take you to places that buses can’t go.

The view of the cliffs were just amazing!

Something I learned while visiting this island was that the film Popeye was filmed here. They came in and built the set and after filming it, they left it. Now tourists pay money to go and view it. Crazy this film was made in 1979 and the set is still up and standing.

The next day we went to Catania, Italy. Such a cute, quaint city. We did a walking tour here.

Umm…. yes, that is a smoking/active volcano on the island.

Heather, Mama K (Karen), Jorge

Some sights on the tour….

The architecture they have in Europe is incredible!

The next day we went to Naples and took a bus tour to Pompei.

The city of stone. The city is famous for it’s ancient ruins.

I found it very interesting that this was inside of a brothel. There aresSigns above the rooms and the gentleman will pick his lady by what sort of activity that is on the sign.

And gentleman don’t worry……these little images are on walls and streets guiding you how to get there. 🙂

The middle of the square. It was so HOT throughout this tour that every bit of shade we could find, we were there. None in this square.

The next day we arrived to Savona, Italy and decided to take a bus to the famous Monte Carlo.

First stop of our tour – the church where the famous Grace Kelly was buried. I never knew she was the Princess of Monaco.

People are more familiar with Monaco for the Grand Prix. The bus took us on a bit of the drive that the cars race on.

An amazing view!

This country is nothing short of money. Everything is clean, expensive, boats are yachts, cars are Bentley’s, Rolls Royces’s, Lamborghini’s, the people are well groomed and dressed to the 9’s. If I only knew French – my next travel nurse destination would be here.

The next day we ended up back in Barcelona where we took a flight to Paris.

The bottom of the Louvre.

The top! Stunning! And the tour guide said all the facts in the book Da Vinci Code is false.


The famous Monte Lisa. We learned that an employee that worked there in 1911 stole it and 2 years later it was returned. The employee had stolen it and went to Paris with is saying he was returning something that had been stolen from Napoleon. Now the Mona Lisa sits in a bullet proof case. Since then, it has been the most famous painting there.

From here we went on a bus and boat tour of the city. This is the Arc de Triumph.

Notre Dame from the water.

The famous Eiffel Tower.

After 2 days in Paris, back to London were we went to the some tourists spots and the Taste of London. We were able to try a lot of local restaurants cuisines.

Big Ben

The London Eye

Our last day in London we spent many hours here. Where they filmed Harry Potter. I am not posting any pictures of the inside, because who knows maybe one day you will want to go experience it. It is quite interesting to see the sets as they are and how they were used in the film. I recommend it to the Harry Potter fans. Lots of props, sets, wardrobes and you can even get Butter Beer!

After a full 2 weeks, we went back to Brighton and the next day my parents went home. A bit sad, but they knew they would see me in a few months. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Mama K and Dad come to visit!!

  1. It is absolutely amazing how you set our whole 2 1/2 weeks up like this. We had a wonderful time there but exhausting!!! LOL!!! Would do again. Thanks for doing this. Don’t ever get rid of this site. I love it!!!

  2. So that’s what Paris and London look like when it’s not raining.

    I’m exhausted, just looking at all of the places you visited.

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