Olympics – USA BABY!!!!!!

Well after a lot of hard work and persistence, Michelle got us Beach Volleyball tickets. It all started when our English friend Rachel said that the men would be in Speedo’s and playing in front of Buckingham Palace – umm….yes please!!!!!

Official Tickets!!!!!!

   USA Pride!    We are here!!!!!    Sand sculptures…    He is working on the next one.       Going in – seeing a total of 4 matches.    Brazil vs Czech – Brazil won.     Switzerland vs Russia – Russia won.

USA vs Latvia

Guess who won?


 US BABY!!!!!!!!!!

Team GB vs Norway

And team GB lost. 😦

 Heading to Hyde Park to meet with some friends and watch some concerts.

 Celebration drinks.

 Umm… look what Michelle convinced me to sit on……

Hanging with our Aussie friends. 🙂

What a great day of beach volleyball, concerts, drinks, and friends. What a good year to be in London – and knowing now – USA won the most gold medals!!!!!! 🙂


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