So we have a few days off from work – and why sit at home? Let’s head to Belgium – they are known for there



mussels (which Michelle had a pot on 2 different nights),

beer and


Welcome to our room in Belgium!!! Let’s walk around –


and we found this gynormous metal umbrella.


And this statue of an old lady with her change purse opened up – Michelle has her fingers in there. 🙂

Let’s try out the beers – this particular beer fits into this holder.

Went here later that night, Delirium. So many beers on tap!!!

The next day we decided that we would take a train to Bruges and bike ride to Damme. Warning, I have never been on a actual bike in 10 years!!! So different from the bike at the gym.

Yes, when you rent bikes here, you don’t have the option to have a helmet.

Michelle riding a bike and taking a picture of us at the same time. This took a few shots to get this. 🙂

We rode in the country – basically through towns, by cow pastures, windmills…..

The steps to this windmill was very steep – she is high up there.



We ended up in this square and did some shopping. After some shopping, we went to get some amazing seafood.


It was so yummy!

Only spent 2 nights and 3 days between the 2 cities, but the views, food, beers were amazing. If you head over, word of advice, eat the waffles from the street vendors as opposed to the restaurants – way better and cheaper! And stop in all the chocolate shops you see and have a couple pieces from each. The expensive places aren’t always the best ones. Also, beware of the cheeses – they have some good ones, and they have some STINKY ones. And try the beers! CHEERS!


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