One last hoor-ah in Brighton!

So, after being in the UK for 9 months, our time is coming to an end. On our last shift at work, we had to show the Brits what a “Pot luck” was. And they kept saying we were having an “American potluck”, so we had to have some American flare – the flag! 🙂

We have come across so many amazing people in our short time there – we had to have one last pint with them before we left. So, we met at Sidewinders for one last hoor-ah!!! We weren’t the only two nurses leaving, another nurse names Faye is headed to Australia with her man – let’s have a combined goodbye party!!!

Me, Faye, Faith and Michelle

And the shots begin – thanks to Louise.

Cheers – Helen, Michelle, Louise, Kate, Drew, Christopher, Faye, me and Tania.

Louise and I

Tania and Michelle

Drew, Christopher, me, Louise and Faye with her sexy legs! 🙂

After Sidewinders, we got our dance on!!! Good times, lots of pints, and good friends. Our Brighton friends will be missed. there is on things over the 9 months that we learned – and that is how to speak British English. Here are some of the sayings/phrases we learned along the way. Sorry, some words are nursing terms. 🙂

Spend a penny- bathroom
Muppet- idiot
Aubergine- eggplant
Capsicum- peppers- aussie
Courgette- Zucchini 
Craic- having fun (Irish)
Squash- concentrated juice
Dropped scones- pancakes 
Dishy- tasty
Knob- penis
Hank- starving 
Jelly- jello
Pudding- dessert
Taking the piss- making fun of
Bung- red caps (Nursing)
Inko- chucks (pads that nurses use here in the US)
Gelo- plasmalyte (IV fluid)
Hartmans- Lactated Ringers (IV fluids)
BM- blood sugar
Let/For hire- rent
Bollocks- shit- bad
Dog's Bollocks- really good
Trolley- cart with 4 wheels
Snogging- making out with tongue 
Busking- playing instruments for money in the street 
Apple and pears- stairs
Deep seadiver - 5 pounds
Penny lane- the drain/ grates
Whistle and flute- suit 
Stag and Hen parties- bachelor and bachelorette parties 
Dog and bone- phone 
Skank- bugs/ virus
Trouble and strife- wife
Todger - penis
Tosser - jerk off 
Quaffing- drink it
Faffing- being busy but not doing anything
Barm cake- bread roll
Braces- suspenders

Before we left, Marcello met us at the bus station to say goodbye -and like he promised - he had the American Flag from the potluck! 
Brighton - it has been fun, the memories and friends - will NEVER be 
forgotten!!! Thank you MATES for everything!!!! xo

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