And now what?…..

Heather and I have both managed to beat the tiresome Jet lag and adjust to Pacific NW!  The number one question was always “What are you most excited to get back to?” (Besides family and friends, a given).  There were a couple food items but the biggest for me, a proper dryer!  I LOVE fluffing my clothes!!!  Who ever knew it was such a luxury?!  Heather has been enjoying the fresh seafood and of course, her beloved Blue Moon!

As for the inevitable, work.  We are both currently employed with Cross Country Travel, a travel nursing agency.  I have accepted an 8 week, day shift position working with Swedish Edmond’s in the ICU to assist in their transition to EPIC (computer charting).  It’s actually going a lot better than I imagined, I’m hoping they will let me extend right up to the holiday season 🙂

Heather has recently accepted a night position in the ICU at Providence in Everett that she starts soon (Yayyyy, we get to keep her for a little before Colorado scoops her up).

I think I can speak for us both when I say, Adventure of a Lifetime is an understatement!  As much as we missed our family and friends, the memories that we now will hold forever are priceless.  We managed to visit 12 plus different countries, try foods we never knew existed and met handfuls of amazing people!

And yes, Heather and I are still friends 🙂  We made a great (and self-entertaining) travel duo, I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime!

So I guess it is time to sign off on the blog…thanks for all the support and commentary….

You never know if there will be a round 2…but for now… Cheers mate!


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